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Nurses for Social Justice and Gearing up for School.

Erin and I had a phone date today to discuss the group she's trying to get going for nurses interested in a socially just healthcare system. It was a good brainstorm session and a good way to wrap up my winter break. She told me she googled terms related to what she's envisioning and found absolutely nothing, though i haven't checked myself. Lots of Physicians for social justice kind of groups, not so much nurses. So we set eachother to thinking about exactly what it is that nurses, specifically, have to offer in pursuit of a better world. And now we're keeping our eyes peeled for nursing journal articles with some politically left content, hmmm, we'll see. I also had a conversation with a woman who works in the mental health field who is organizing forums about guantanamo. Politics and healthcare are on the mind. I guess it's good that something sustaining is swimming around in there.

I didn't work on any major comic or art projects this break, and i think i might be having a little bit of a lonely and empty heart for Margot. It was a calculated decision not to work on margot, at least not until next summer. It feels scattered when i try and tackle it in such short spurts of stolen time. And i don't want to have to undo a bunch of incoherent threads when i finally do have the focused headspace to take it on. But it's a bummer, i generally think less of myself when i'm not chipping away at something like that. I might lift the ban over the summer at least.

On the up side, i feel mostly organized and kind of ready for my 8:30 am class tomorrow morning. I got good moral support from my coworkers last night. "oh god, i hated nursing school. But it's good you're doing it, it will be worth it when it's all over". Oddly, it is comforting to know that nobody else really thinks nursing school is fun either, so the fact that i'm finding some parts of it edifying puts me way ahead of the curve.

On the up side the beans and rice and greens i made for dinner were delicious, which is great because i'll be eating a lot of that sort of thing in the months to come . . . viva la student life!
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