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Minneapolis: A True Dream Story

I had stopped by Simon's new place while I was on vacation in Minneapolis. It was tall and skinny, brick, old, with long hallways and small rooms. I'd be staying there but another friend “D”, a hybrid of Qilo and MK, was going to take me out for the day.

We were at a little event and wanted to go to someone else's house, and D suggested I just grab a bike. “no really, nobody in Minneapolis rides a private bike, the public bike system is sooooo good. You can just take any bike on the street”. Well, that wasn't precisely true – you had to buy a special type of universal lock for about forty bucks, but that piece of equipment gave you access to almost any bike locked up on the streets of minneapolis. I pondered whether it was worth the $40 for a weeks vacation, but my eyes popped when I saw the offerings. Really nice bikes, not your normal badly painted green or yellow bike fare. D showed me a really rare specimen, “this was made in the early nineties,” ze said. It was bright silver and extremely streamlined; a cross between an old fashioned high wheel, a unicycle, and a beach cruiser. I'd never seen anything like it. There were no handlebars, I noticed, instead the metal tubes swooped into a clean curve at the front. Who knew that Minneapolis was the free bike capital of the universe? What the hell was I doing staying in Chicago?

The event we landed at was in a very un-subtle modern multi level with way too much white laquered built in furniture. I chatted with a cute woman (who, strangely, looked nothing like Laura Jones) about Minneapolis. “yeah, it's so great here”, I said, “i'm kind of bummed I accepted the program at UIC, because now i'm thinking it would have been smarter to do nursing school here”. “you should stay,” she said, "it's never to late to quit your program."

I went back to Simon's place; there was a coffee clatch worth of queens gabbing on the sofas. I thought “somebody must be having company”. Then I found Simon, and Johnny Mercury, who apparently also lived there. They informed me that all of the queens lived there too – I looked down the hallway and realized that the house was, indeed, big enough to boast at least ten bedrooms. Simon and Johnny made some comment about how they were lucky to be living in the absolute center of glamor and fabulousness.

I had a hunch that with all of this, their rent was still cheaper than mine. Again, I had a moment of regret about staying in Chicago. I

I don't really know were this dream came from. I have not been thinking about moving to minneapolis. I have only really been there once (in 1993). Maybe my dreams are telling me to take a little weekend jaunt . . . .


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Feb. 20th, 2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
Is Qilo a Bay Arean? Because I live in Qilo-from-the-bay-area's old house! (I'm realizing this place is such a small world that I'm utterly unsurprised at the possible overlap.)

Feb. 22nd, 2011 01:44 am (UTC)
yeah, same qilo. the crazy think is hat qilo and i have almost exactly the same first and last given names AND we went to the same high school -- though we went at different times and didn't meet til many years later.
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