mat_defiler (mat_defiler) wrote,
I am fully acclimated to night shift it seems, taking naps all afternoon when i'm not on shift. The light is fading late enough that i actually see a little sun most days, but not enough to keep my vitaman D in the realm of not getting sick all the time. I won't even get into the gory details of the seasonal affective. Well, i will say, it's getting much better, and i'm hoping if i'm still working this shift by next winter i'll be more strategic earlier on in the winter. Well, and also if global climate change hasn't pushed us over the edge of the apocalypse by then

This year i'm thinking quite a bit about forgiveness and what that has to do with being open to the gifts we are offered in this world, and also to the ones we are capable of giving. This week i made pie and invited people over spontaneously, had a strange but satisfying saucy encounter with a pretty unlikely stranger, had renewed and intensified connection with someone i already love, biked through lincolnwood and west rogers park on the sabbath, moved responsibly but without too much panic through a bed bug scare which seems not to be affecting me directly at this moment in time, began preliminary job change research based on encouragement by my coworkers that i would be a good hospice nurse, organized my finances, and finished inking enough comics to begin a web comic. Not to bad for the middle of a dark, erratic, and illness ridden winter.
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